What is The AI STEM Drive?

To put it simply: The AI STEM Drive is a smart-city AI core.

To put it less simply: The STEM Drive is a distributed artificial learning agent
capable of running on everything from the smallest smart device to the largest
super computer.

The job of the drive’s distributed network of STEM cores is to maximize efficiency
on levels that we are just not capable of producing on our own.

Delivery routes will be balanced, checked against, and coordinated with the distributors
and consumers of every possible modicum of trade.

Understandably, a system like this might raise public concerns of privacy.
However, the following two bullet-points may help answer those concerns:

  • The AI STEM Drive’s complete code-base will be – now and forever –
    GPL 3.0 licensed.
  • Due to the nature of the beast, in order for an AI STEM driven smart-city to
    run correctly at peak efficiency, citizen self-regulated privacy is a fundamental
    necessity. This will be made apparent as you begin to understand how
    The AI STEM Drive works.

Let’s have a small conversation about truth. There is nothing in this world that can
happen without the truth preceeding it. What that means is that you cannot end
up with 4 without first providing that which will eventually equate to 4.
Obviously 2 + 2 will always = 4. For any one desireable outcome, there is always
a most optimal path to achieve it. We are always discovering new paths that
are more efficient than the older paths we’ve used. This is how progress works.

Using and finding the optimal paths for our goals as a society, is the core
functionality of The AI STEM Drive.

So – what are our desired outcomes?
Well, for the AI STEM Drive, the desired outcomes are as follows:

  • Maximized human wellbeing and happiness. According to the raw science
    (you know, that whole thing about truth?),
    our happiness is intimately related to our productivity
    and progress. This is true both personally and socially.
  • Maximized personal and collective productivity.
  • Maximized efficiency in the use of (get this) Space, Time, Energy, and Matter.
    Yes yes – you’re very clever, you just figured out what STEM stands for. 🙂
  • The optimized minimization of waste.
  • Post-scarcity. This means that we are no longer slaves to the fight over

To end this section, as things turn out – correctly using The AI STEM Drive to
achieve these five bullet-points – there is a fun list of side-effects that
just happen to fall into our laps. But we’ll get to those in just a minute.

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