The Color of Money


  • Money is far more scarce than natural resources. The contest for money enables and encourages the need to acquire as much money as possible with the least amount of effort. This push for cheaper and faster in production is often felt by the environment. Cheap and fast methods are often highly toxic and produce chemicals and practices of disposing of those chemicals that damage the environment.
    Without money, resources are freely delivered and accepted. There is no contest for acquiring large amounts of money. This turns the production framework from the cheaper and faster practices to artistry. Nothing comes off the line unless they are perfect, green, and good.
  • Produce is often imported and exported to and from extremely remote regions even though such products can be produced in the same regions they are consumed. The need to transport massive amounts of produce comes from the need to sell as much of the product as possible in order to obtain as much money as possible.
    Without money as the driving force – most consumed products are produced within a closed local system. This allows for strictly observed energy conservation methods. From the focus on money to the focus on conservation and quality.


  • Money influences many political decisions, both directly and indirectly. Political decisions are based on three major motivators: money, belief, and scientific truth. Removing money allows for scientifically valid decisions to take the majority of political motives. This, in turn, is good for the country.
  • Money drives the directions for which ideas should be engaged. When money is removed, the merit of any one idea becomes the foundational driving force for engaging that idea. The availability of funding and monetary gain no longer hold sway in such decisions.
  • The removal of money removes the influence it has in the legal arena. Laws and political strategies are reoriented toward that which is best for the people.
  • The removal of a monetary economic system would mean that technological, social, and educational advancements rapidly increase due to the following results:
    • Immediate increase in the available labor workforce.
    • Increasingly available resources,
    • The collective drive of the people for progress and advancement.
    • The inner drive of each individual for self actualization.
  • Without money, a new environment that would allow large scale changes to be quickly implemented as scientific findings are verified. The most energy efficient methods of accomplishing any task will be quickly adopted without the possible wall of “is it a lucrative venture?”.


  • New resources become available once money is removed.
    • Workforce and energetic resources are freed from the financial sector.
      • Entire companies solely devoted to finances:
        • Banks
        • Economic Analysts
        • Credit Unions
        • Credit Card Companies
        • IRS
        • Advertising Companies
        • Insurance Companies
        • Stock Marketeers & Market Analysis
        • Fraud Analysts and Fraud Protection Companies
  • Entire positions and resource dedications within all other markets:
    • Cashiers
    • Income and Expense Ledgers
    • Etc.
  • And finally, even the calculative power exercised in adding monetary calculations and transactions is freed up. This may seem small, but consider that the energy heavy elements of any transaction are:
    • 1) The monetary transactions and calculations, and
    • 2) Inventory transaction and calculation.**This means that nearly ⅓ of our entire labor workforce is now free to pursue more progressive and fulfilling professions and engagements. This also means that the energetic resources used in the previous monetary endeavors now become available to use more efficiently. We’re also shaving off nearly ½ of all energy expended during all transactions everywhere.
  • Energy is no longer wasted on such things as: Taxes, financial calculations, financial bookkeeping and other record keeping, settling accounts, money transfers, and the vast loss of energy and product due to credit debt and interest.
  • Interest is a MASSIVE waste of resources. The removal of money and interest will be a vast weight off our proverbial shoulders.
  • Product quality, reliability, and safety become cornerstones of production without the pressures of the bottom line and the drive of greed.
    • Pharmaceutical companies take time and care developing and testing drugs. Only the safest would make it to their market.
  • Massive increase in intrasocial trust. When the drive for money and the drive to avoid the loss of money are removed, a more cohesive intrasocial trust begins to develop. The public begins to build trust in companies and other producers because they know that the previous drives that cause corruption have been neutralized.
  • Poverty is eliminated with the removal of money and the implementation of STEM economics.
  • Products are perfected environmentally, technologically, and artistically before being released.
  • Endeavors that would normally be too costly under a monetary economy, instead are a matter of capacity, practicality, and social ambition. (ie: a generation ship)
  • Personal ethics are no longer crossed or broken due to a need to make ends meet.
  • Resources are allocated according to what is needed and where.
  • Professions become an issue of what one is good at, what they enjoy, and what their passion is instead of what can make the most money that falls within their capacity. This increased productivity and one’s access to self-actualization.
  • The drive for criminal behavior vanishes. When everybody’s basic needs are met, then crime (usually committed due to the lack of a need being met) vanishes.
  • Prisons are no longer profit motivated. Corrections becomes a legitimate venture to correct, not incarcerate.
  • Human society begins to function as the superorganism that it is. Functioning in time with its own rhythms – like any other organism.
  • No more clever deceptions perpetrated by advertising companies.
  • No more wasted resources on cold calling and scam phone calls.


  • With the inclusion of the TU model of education, everybody has access to the highest levels of knowledge and the most professional methods of being taught at any point in their life.
  • Important scientific studies are no longer cut off or go unfinished due to lack of funding.
  • Scientific studies are no longer tampered with for the purpose of monetary gain or pressures.


  • Great ideas in art, literature, etc. no longer go unnoticed and swept under the carpet due to the financial environment not being “in-time” with the work.
  • Have you ever noticed the difference in acting between mainstream movies and indie movies? There is a sense of reality and heartfelt acting that indie movies carry that mainstream movies can’t even come close to replicating. When those involved in the production of a cinematic work of art are driven by money, there is a quality that is lost. WIthout money, the incredible cinematic feats that could be achieved is something we don’t even have access to in our current world.


  • Medicine and medical care become an act of charity and love.
  • People are not denied coverage or treatment because of their financial status.
  • Cures are no longer stifled or held back for monetary gain.
  • Cures are not sold at criminal prices, instead the practice takes the form of a love for each other.


  • Depression and substance abuse will all but disappear due to the new capacity of the society to cultivate personal self-actualization and social-actualization.
  • Bunk supplements and quack cures no longer have a financial driving force behind them.
  • No more unhealthy preservatives or food production practices. The goal becomes health instead of wealth.


  • Many AI’s in use today are sociopathic. They are concerned with money, and only money. Especially the financial sector’s use of AI. The removal of money, and thus the removal of sociopathic AI implementations, will radically reduce the problem of a sociopathic singularity. With a more caring and nurturing AI system such as The AI STEM Drive, the likelihood of a positive singularity experience is increased.


  • Parenting class for all expecting parents. Updates throughout parenthood based on the most up-to-date research.
  • Space exploration programs that massively dwarf what our most elaborate money based initiatives are capable of.

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