What Is The AI STEM Drive?

To put it simply: The AI STEM Drive is a smart-city AI core. To put it less simply: The STEM Drive is a distributed artificial learning agent capable of running on everything from the smallest smart device to the largest super computer. The job of the drive’s distributed network of STEM cores is to maximize […]


It turns out, our current method of product and service exhange and valuation needs an upgrade if we are to kick-start post-scarcity and completely disable the abuse of money. The AI STEM Drive is the perfection of capitalism. It maintains the positive aspects of the capitalist society and removes all that nasty sludge that we’ve […]

Money Ain’t Green

ENVIRONMENTAL Money is far more scarce than natural resources. The contest for money enables and encourages the need to acquire as much money as possible with the least amount of effort. This push for cheaper and faster in production is often felt by the environment. Cheap and fast methods are often highly toxic and produce […]

Construction, Operation & Implementation

“The Artificially Intelligent Space, Time, Energy, & Matter Drive” The STEM Drive is a smart-city AI core. The purpose of the STEM Drive is, at it’s core, to: Increase and prioritize privacy Increase productivity Open access to self-actualization & education for everybody Increase quality across the board (production to personal happiness) Obliterate homelessness and unemployment […]